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Hello and Welcome to Golden Violet

My name is Violet and I moved to Melbourne with my family 2 years ago from West Yorkshire, England.  I am a passionate Artist, Designer and Creative Healer.  I also work with creative mothers in HypnoBirthing and with Newborn Mothers in postpartum support.

I believe every person is a creative being even if we do not know it.  We may think that being creative means you need to paint or design something in particular and we may have a limited view of what creativity actually means.  But what if every experience in the present moment is actually being creative? Every thought, every feeling, every experience we have could be creating something new for example in the space we are living in, in the work we do and in the people we meet.  Are you not creating when you make food, or when you wake up on a weekend morning and thinking what you might do for the day? Everything we do is a creation in whatever way brings us joy and peace, after all we are here to live and enjoy life not exhaust ourselves with outdated or limited systems. 

Earlier in my life's journey I came across challenges in my career, relationships and in my health, to the point where I nearly gave up entirely.  In these experiences in life I have found that change has helped me move forward in creative ways, to express my innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Coming from a history of being taught to just carry on really created a spark in me and so this is why my creative journey evolved, it taught me more about myself and who I am.  We are constantly evolving, and my creativity evolves in what and how I create.  I hope to share some of my journey with you be in through my artwork, design or creative healing workshops.  

This site is an extension of myself and so will always be a work in progress but thank you for sharing love by visiting this page and reading my information.  

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